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    Friday, December 4, 2015

    12 to follow in addition to harrison - china song; germany herman; portugal silva ; engle haiti; mcdermott UK.. colin morley deceased .. more to come 100 country sustainability goals open space tour around harrison owen
    if for whatever reason you arent just asking harrison himself then here's a scarily rough map we are trying to collaboratively coodrinate

    longer notes:
    we welcome corrections where our links are out of date or ahead of time (like all transpareny tools publishing whose

    uk romy shovelton, phelim mcdermott, jack leith, bridget peake  -golden oldie geoffrey higgins bath

    china song or harrison (with some translation assistaance by amy)

    haiti john engle

    usa within 109 miles of dc or maine - harrison

    new jersey   chuni li
    florida suzanne
    seattle peggy holman

    denver corporate fool david firth -eg most important position in any large knowledge organisation is centre of ignorance- function any employee allowed to ask question if corporate fool doesnt know he's free to ask anyone up the hierarchy until actionable answer is made organisation-wide available - related tool japanese hoshin planning

    rest of usa ???

    africa David Glenwinkel Africa Village Care International in Africa (80,000 volunteers; 2000+ communities; 13 countries) using Open Space in a big part of the work that David and others are doing. The numbers are astounding, like Ms Song and more; David’s Facebook:  and the Village Care Facebook  one of many Facebook posts with pictures; For example:  "Outcomes, Practices and Open Space (OPOS )Training at Buramata locality,Bubanza province was ended today this afternoon.VCI Mission is " to equip leaders to empower village members to care for orphans and widows by raising their standards of living by using their own resources"


    philippines  haron Joy Chao in Manila invited a young adult to facilitate an important Open Space described as follows:   
    From over 80 issues identified, youth and education expert participants of the 14th SEAMEO INNOTECH International Conference pointed out 7 priority areas for the Youth Education Agenda of Southeast Asia. A total of 140 participants representing 15 countries from all over the world joined in the said conference held on 8-9 December at SEAMEO INNOTECH, Philippines.
    The top 7 priorities identified are: Equal access of OSYs, IPs and Adults for quality education and Improving lifeskills and work-readiness for OSYs; Integration of ICT in education; 21st century teaching-learning in global setting; Values education for the 21st century learners; Promoting Youth Participation in ASEAN integration; Improving health and nutrition including sanitation facilities in schools; and Enhancing leadership skills, PHOTOS

    USSR  Igor Ovchinnikov Golubka Training Centre)

    Join us at "Agile Egypt 1st Open Space Conference"
    Government Digital Services team is bringing the OST (Open Space Technology) approach to you, and wants to hear your ideas and thoughts during the breakout sessions.
    Be part of this networking session, this time on “Agile Contracting”, happening today at the Sandcrawler building at Fusionopolis View. Drivers may wish to park their "X-wings" and "TIE fighters" at Galaxis or Fusionopolis, as the Sandcrawler doesn't provided parking for visitors.

    Saturday, November 14, 2015

    each month we will try and search for answers to a set of questions on open space - please suggest questions

    n1 if a young person value open space what other open technologies can they value collaboration around -eg open source, open learning, open society, open sustainability goals networers ....

    n2 what are the most joyful stories of where open space originated worldwide or by country or by profession that wanted to transform systems

    n3 if you were hosting a 1000 person open space over 3 days what would be key steps before durin and after the open space

    n4 if you were hosting 4 person open space over e3 days what would be key steps

    n5 if you were to twin 2 goodwill cultures - which two would you open space first to gain max=imum human reach around the globe

    n6 what do alumni of open space find useful to understand first about practice of peace  context reference  world war 3 - views from rome  paris  ..

    Friday, November 13, 2015

    Home1 why do so few courses on ending poverty exist?why our 17 sustainability development goal curricula change columns according to chinese girls votesEconomistUniversity aka exponential SD Goal 4 Quality Education11 cities sustainability development goal 115 gender equality sustainability development goal 5partner search for publication of world record book of jobs creationyouth and learning as development- can quarter of a century of yazmi dream be reality of 2030now9 macroeconomics greatest errors versus AMMA & womens microtech's inspiring solutionsMap Social World Trade - 3rd dimension of world record book of job creationworld bank live - report first day of future of youth entrepreneur summit & MIT white house demo dayObama entrepreneur summiting completely fails africa unless green revolution comes nowcurricula of changing global mediaSB9 Collaboration Cafe your world & the worldHow to debate whether your place has a futuresb11 merging hub and student clubSB10 league of 200 networks that could sustain world & excite 2010sYouthWorldBankingEconomics of ProjectsProject SB3 Planet Economics Forum needed so youth face world bank officialsSB12 Can the BBC be the EU's Media Jewel in the Crown?SB50 Youth Ambassador 5000 - end poverty letter-writing to high placesSB2 How can we survey youth's tip 20 goals for 2020SB64 Charter 21C's 10 paradoxes not 10 commandmentsCP2 foundations as collaboration partnerSustainability world's greatest collaborations started in University CP9Interaction 11*8: DigiYouth & Global Corp.Survey of Schools : & SMBA Speeches of 2008Verifying 1000 Yunus Readers of Capitalism Without grade 1 to 18network map: milken world leadersDirectory of Yunus 1000 Research CitiesSocial Business - Case definitionSector irresponsibility cases killing off next generationsResources3 cheers yunus book of treasure mapsObstacles to Dialogue Today, by LingisGandhi & Compound ArithmeticFirm ProfilesMicroFinance ChinaReferralsAsk about P2PCareersCommunityContact Us

    come and join our co-editors at 

    download practice of peace chaps 1,2 by harrison owen found open space

    China's second greatest cultural revolution in modern times may have occurred octber 2015
    on the tenth year of harrison owen bringing open space to china - and the first time beijing freed all

    Thursday, October 29, 2015

    I have always found pleasure in the maths elegance of harrison owen system designs but still struggling to find the terminology

    anyhow here are a few of the ways the co-creativity of communal self -determination is described by harrison

    Change, Conflict and Community: Challenging Thought and Action
    Barbara Kenton, ‎Suzanne Penn - 2009 - ‎Business & Economics
    As Harrison Owen says, 'The arrogance of control destroys human community' ( Owen, 2000). Self-determination and collaboration need not mean chaos .

    It was never my intention to get into the "Peace Business."  Nor was it my intention to write another book. But in the course of my life my intentions are often overlooked, and happenstance rules. So much for a life plan. And now, the book - The Practice of Peace - is available in a 2nd edition.
    Happenstance, in this case was a fortuitous journey to The Middle East several years ago.  I went to that troubled part of the world lacking any clear understanding of what I might usefully contribute. To say that I was confused would be gross understatement. But confusion, as I have learned, is often (always?) an essential precondition to deeper insight. Confusion rids the mind of all you thought you knew, and thereby opens some space for new ideas. The new ideas, in my case, were perhaps closer to a blinding flash of the obvious. Twenty years' experience with Open Space Technology  in 83 countries had demonstrated to myself and thousands of colleagues, that every time space was opened, a most remarkable and unexpected result occurred. I called it Genuine Community, the sort where differences (of opinion, ethnicity, economics, politics etc.) were if anything amplified AND those involved found it possible to treat each other with respect, often coming close to real affection. It seemed to me that another word for this phenomenon is Peace. Further more, the deeper the original conflicts, the more intense was the sense of community.

    Wave Riders are curious people possessed of an innate capacity to go with the flow, constantly seizing upon opportunity when others see no possibility, or even disaster. Their level of performance is consistently high, and projects are often completed in breathtakingly short periods of time, with a degree of excellence that may seem unbelievable. Not always, not in every instance – but with a regularity that sets them apart, but never alone. Together with their fellows, Wave Riders create the critical community bonds, essential for productive activity. 

    And they bring a special gift – Leadership. Their passion and responsibility for a cause inspires others to make common cause. Not by domination and control, but through invitation and appreciation, the efforts of many coalesce as one.

    Saying that Wave Riders go with the flow is not to say that they have a light regard for planning, logic, and hard work. In fact the Wave Rider may be a fanatic for planning, logical to a fault, and a total workaholic. But what sets them apart is that they also possess a clear understanding of the limitations of all three: planning, logic, and hard work. 

    For them the Plan is the map and not the territory. Necessary, useful, but never to be confused with the facts on the ground, and certainly never to be given preeminence. Likewise with logic. Good and useful for sure, but when the daily course of experience appears to behave in an illogical fashion, usually referred to as counter-intuitive, the Wave Rider will understand that there are multiple "logics" and it may well be that the one employed is simply inappropriate to the situation. A classic case of this phenomenon comes from the world of Physics at the point where Quantum Mechanics made its appearance. Traditional Newtonian physicists were logical past all, perceiving the elegant coherence in the cosmos to be an exquisite clockworks. However, as the world of subatomic physics became the object of study, the traditional logic faltered. And those who were crafting the emerging quantum physics used the sense of illogic to advance their work. Walter Heisenberg, the originator of the Uncertainty Principle, is said to have remarked, " Your Theory is crazy, but not crazy enough to be true."

    On the subject of work – Wave Riders do indeed work very hard. They are often sticklers for detail and devote amazing amounts of time and energy to enterprises for which they have a genuine passion. When they care, they care deeply, and the effect of this caring is a devotion to their cause that others may find disturbing.
    But there is another aspect to a Wave Rider’s relation to work that many will find strange. On occasion, all of their busy doing simply stops. The task lists are put away, the goals and objectives are all placed on hold. The Wave Rider is content to be there in that present moment. An outside observer might legitimately conclude that the Wave Rider has given up, but the truth is rather different. She or he has simply let go. Not to be confused with a fatalistic withdrawal from life – this letting go has a very different quality. The commitment to the original passionate concern remains unshaken, and if anything, is deepened and intensified. Rather than fatalism, there is profound awareness and trust in the deep forces which drive towards completion and fulfillment. And of equal importance is a recognition that any "doing" in the sense of organizing, managing, forcing – will not only be ineffective, but may well be counter productive.

    Wave Riders may be found in all times and places. Some will be remembered as major historical characters, the names of others will never be recorded in the pages of history. Gandhi, for example, confounded the British Empire not only with his tireless efforts and articulate strategy (plans), but also and perhaps more importantly, with his presence and capacity to simply be there in the present moment, apparently doing nothing. Dee Hock comes from a very different environment, the corporate world. As the founder of VISA International, Dee Hock surely did a lot, but he also well understood the need to let go and simply be there. Not the controlling/directing chief executive, but rather the appreciator of an evolving organic entity which has become one of the largest global corporations – and over which he had no control.

    Wave Riders are not limited to global or corporate heros. The mother of a growing family, shepherding her brood towards adulthood will ride the waves of her complex and confusing world – multi-tasking we call it. To be sure, she has plans and tasks in abundance, To-Do lists without end. But at the end of the day, and indeed on everyday, she will be remembered not so much for what she did, which may be truly awesome, but rather for the power of her singular presence.

    Tuesday, July 7, 2015

    the late great colin morley- opening space in mass media were nobody else boldly goes

    Today is the 10th remembrance day  of one of the 3 people i most learnt working with- we asked everyone we had ever hubbed round london and across european collaboration cities of emotionally intelligent knowledge connecting to join us at the be the change open space; we'd wanted to design a wholly new curriculum of valuing he most resourced brand leaders around world class sustainablity purposes. This was just one of 10 ChangeWorld projects Colin was social action networking with joy. .

    Last week I was accompanied by a 22 year old chinese lady as 100 countries celebrated their creative children over 5 days at the Elipse outside the White House in Wash DC. She was the first person other than Harrison Owen himself who seemed to empower open space youth through every vein of her body. May she be free to do for sustainability as youth's most productive decade what Colin never was.